YNS Live with Ellen Bradley

Feb 17, 2022

Listen to a new episode of Your Next Stop recorded live on Fireside with host Juliet Hahn featuring Embra Studios owner, teacher, Manduka ambassador, world-school mom, adventurous wanderlust Ellen Bradley.


Not until you experience and see the world and how others live will you really start to cultivate empathy, understanding, and compassion.


Ellen Bradley is a mother, wife, student, teacher, and global citizen of this beautiful world. Listening to her calling, almost 14 years ago she pioneered her way and opened Modo yoga Northern Kentucky, the very first hot yoga studio in the area but also the first Modo yoga studio in the United States. Ellen was inspired to open this studio as a vehicle to spread peace and well-being to her community. Since then she and her husband, Michael have opened two more Modo yoga studios becoming the Best in Cincinnati for many years in a row.


Ellen’s path to yoga began during her days of playing collegiate tennis at Villanova University. Yoga was a modality to stay healthy and focused during long, physical, grueling seasons. As Ellen’s practice of yoga evolved so has her spirit and path. Following the ultimate spiritual practice of “letting go”, in 2016 Ellen and her husband Michael decided to sell everything, except their studios and “World school” their girls. The visión: to see the world as a classroom- connecting & educating their three girls through the diversity and natural wonderment of the world! Over the course of this journey immersing in over 30 countries, they have realized they also are in “World school”...it’s not just for their three daughters.


Taking her practice off the yoga mat and into the world, Ellen has been given far more gifts and great life lessons than she ever imagined this journey would bestow.


Now more than ever It is her dream, her passion to share the gift of world school with others! Walking through life with curiosity and not being afraid to jump out of your comfort zone has been one of the greatest educations! Of course, nature has been the foremost classroom.


Ellen believes now more than ever  “Connection” back to nature, each other, and one’s self is the true education .. a journey that will make the world a better place!


A passionate leader always looking to create a community, Ellen has dedicated her heart to Costa Rica where her family resides. Dedicated to serving, Ellen helped found the Gratitude Group project to put love in action and give back to people often forgotten. The first Gratitude Home was gifted last year, November 2020, to a widow of 4 small children living on a dirt floor.


Ellen helped organize and fund a community for ocean safety after a beautiful woman drowned in front of them on Christmas Day 2020. In less than one year Ellen has steered the ship of Nosara Ocean Safety to help make the beaches in Nosara safer for all through education, prevention, and awareness.


Most recently having 3 teenage girls now ages 13,14,15 Ellen has founded The Ohana Girls Project, a global movement where girls support girls. Girls celebrate their unique diversity and begin to see each other as so much more alike than different. The heart of the Ohana girls project is calling together the collective wisdom and brilliance of women across the world in order to inspire and empower girls.


The first seed of this program was launched in 2021 as an online Self Care program for Teen Girls.


Now more than ever Ellen is passionate to create Ohana, community - giving back & helping make the world a better, brighter place!


Learn more about Ellen on JourneyOfTheGlobe.com. Follow her on Instagram, and YouTube.


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