YNS Live with Fran Racioppi

May 30, 2022

Listen to a new episode of Your Next Stop recorded live on Fireside with host Juliet Hahn featuring creator, podcast host, Chief People Officer, founder, performance coach, and race director Fran Racioppi.


Fran Racioppi, CPP, CBCP, is the Chief People Officer at Analytix Solutions, an 800+ person firm with offices across the globe. Fran also serves as the performance development coach for Boston University Men's Rowing and leads leadership programs under his own company, FRsix. Fran previously led Genius Fund as the Chief Executive and Chief Operating Officer, a vertically integrated cannabis company in Los Angeles, CA. Prior to Genius, Fran served as the Director of Global Security for Snapchat where he was recruited to professionalize and scale the security organization across the globe, earning recognition from the FBI and DHS.

Fran holds an MBA from New York University. He graduated with honors from Boston University with a BA in Journalism and a minor in Political Science. Fran served 13 years in the United States Army as a Green Beret, deploying three times to Iraq and spending several years operating across Africa. A lifelong sailor, Fran volunteers to teach Veterans to sail as the Race Director for Sailahead a Veterans service organization dedicated to reducing the Veteran suicide rate.


Listen to Fran’s podcast at The Jedburgh Podcast. Give him a follow on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Remarkable Quote:


You can't wait for the last five hundred meters of the race to compete at the highest level. You need to go from the start. That's what it takes to WIN.” ~ Fran Racioppi



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Episode Transcript


Juliet Hahn  00:00:41 



We're gonna be starting in five minutes Hey, Alicia.

Hi, everyone. We'll be starting in five minutes.

two minutes, really?

If you're in the room right now, you can click those

two little lines, and you can share that with the world.

Alright, guys. How are you?

Gimme me one more minute. I'm just broadcasting in a course.

but everything is not working like, it's supposed to because Mercury is messing with


Got a little little mocha.

Alrighty, guys.


Welcome to another why s live show. I am so sorry that took a little bit

there, You know, mercury is messing with me. And so all i was thinking

of life these days. I cannot wait to introduce you guys to my guest

friend, Trophy, who wait until you hear of the story because it is

as he looks like a very young young person, he's have a lot of life.

So welcome, fran. How are you?


Fran Racioppi  00:04:51 

You call me old.


Juliet Hahn  00:04:54 

No. I said you look very young.


Fran Racioppi  00:04:57 

I've just messing with you.


Juliet Hahn  00:04:58 

I said you know... The amount of life that you have lived though

I mean, you would think wait we do get into this that you would... That you are an older person, and you are not.

So welcome to Y five.


Fran Racioppi  00:05:06 

I yeah. I feel it every day. It's okay.


Juliet Hahn  00:05:11 

I'm sure. So before we start anyone

that has joined the room. Hello, Gina, Dave Alicia. Thank you. I know there's people

listening to us right now on Linkedin, Facebook, Youtube

Twitch. Welcome. Welcome wherever you're listening to. You guys are in for a very special trait

first, I wanna talk about

who this is sponsored by. So have you ever been listening to your favorite podcast

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So your friends and family can actually listen to that little piece

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now you can send that little snippet

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So, again, that is picked cherries. You can get that in Apple.

ios, and you can also get that for Android. So

friend. Okay. We got a lot to talk about. I wanna touch

on really quickly, friend, and I both are gonna be a pod fast.

in Orlando Thursday this week, and we're both speaking, which was really excited

I've been on the Podcast.

that Friend host, and we had so much fun he actually came to west Hampton, and we did the live show, which was

Awesome. Awesome. And freedom kind of reached out to me and said, hey, I have this idea would you

wanna do a collab with me when we're at podcaster and

as you as you get into this episode, you're gonna see why we really match

really well, but also, why I'm so inspired by friend, everything that

he does and everything that he has done in his life to really

get him to

different paths in his life that he has followed passions. So

we're gonna be doing that at pod fast. We are gonna also both be

putting those episodes out. So we're gonna be interviewing a couple different people that are there, which is gonna be really

fighting. So we're gonna get into this friend. Did you wanna

add anything to that long spiel. Just threw out there.


Fran Racioppi  00:07:29 

Yeah. And I'm... I'm super pumped, so I was really fortunate

to get to to meet Juliet

couple months ago now, and we had... We had her on

episode fifty three. And I did, I went to

West Campaign. I took my daughter she was my... Soon was my production coordinator


Juliet Hahn  00:07:48 

I loved that.


Fran Racioppi  00:07:48 

for the day. And I don't know if I told you this, but she took

she took four hundred fifty three pictures.


Juliet Hahn  00:07:56 



Fran Racioppi  00:07:55 

that day. And if you remember, she had been kinda like flo


Juliet Hahn  00:07:57 



Fran Racioppi  00:07:59 

down in the chair and was, like, totally just kinda like hitting the button

about six

were usable.

And so we had... We had a long conversation about


Juliet Hahn  00:08:13 



Fran Racioppi  00:08:10 

actually caring about what you're doing for a few minutes.

when you're asked to help out, but no I'm super excited. Episode that that we did

Did did really well. I loved the conversation with you where you're

coming from your perspective on things, where you're going with

with your podcast and in that direction and when they'll

podcast opportunity came up. I said, look, I really love doing these live events

we are just

done a big one down in Jacksonville, and I wanted to incorporate a co, and I thought

knowing better than you, and I think it's gonna be... And also

collaboration. So everybody's is waiting and check it out.


Juliet Hahn  00:08:46 

Yes. And thank you so much. And really,

This is one of the things I love about Fireside is the interaction.

I'm really excited about it too. And when you said that, I I think I was in the car with

my husband. And I was like, oh, my god. I'm like, remember. And he always laughs because I'm like, remember the guy that you

to be the jeep Green, and he and I give him, like, all your thing. And he's like, yes. Yes. The jennifer podcast and I'm like,

Yes. We're gonna do a collab at pod, which is gonna be really awesome.

but you and I even talked about as this

like, as we both grow because we both are really growing with our space

because we really have found what we're meant to do doing more clouds. So

I want to start this. I first want you to just

and my listeners know, kinda just touch on where you grow up a little bit of your

crown where you went to school, and then we can, you know, really get into this episode.


Fran Racioppi  00:09:33 

Yeah. Absolutely. So I

everybody knows you mean, mostly being from Boston, but I was actually born to Rhode Island.

And so that was a big big part of my life with her for the first ten years, moved Florida.

for a little bit, and then when we moved back when I was about fifteen, we actually need to Boston.

And outside the of the city lived in town called West, I went to Boston University.

for undergrad behind me up above my head.

is my or from being on the Boston university Men's Team. So was a

or a four year row there. And which also meant that I did not do R o

see. And so everyone says you are, you go the west point No. I went to Boston University.

and I was a college athlete.

and I never thought about really going into the army and then

I had wanted to be a journalist. Tom broke up

was my hero. He was I looked it in. And I watched him every night. And I said that's that's my dream job.

I wanna do

and nine eleven was my junior year.

And so then I said, well,

I'm gonna be a workhorse.


this is crazy. I can go out there. I can cover these war zones.

And then I talked I talked about a little bit before, but then I watched

all Vera out. And I don't remember if it was in Rapper or Afghanistan, but

he was with an infantry, and they actually got a fire

light and he

pulled out pistol, and he started

running down the road with this pistol, and he fell and he dropped it and all these guys

and the infantry squad start yelling at him and they're like, what are you doing? You can't

do that. You can't have a gun. Why would you do that? And I looked at that, and I said, nope.


Juliet Hahn  00:11:06 

Right. And I remember that.

Yeah. I thank


Fran Racioppi  00:11:06 

never gonna do it. Not gonna be that guy.

Oh, do you really?


Juliet Hahn  00:11:11 

I totally remember that because I was in the city at nine eleven.

I lived in the city, and so and I remember because I always wanted to, like, journaling as always

was really, you know, something that fascinated me as well. And I remember thinking


Fran Racioppi  00:11:21 



Juliet Hahn  00:11:23 

Oh, what i'm moron. No bad but

it really... It was like one of those moments that you're like, holy crap. Why are you there? You should not

be there. They should have people that should be. So go go ahead.


Fran Racioppi  00:11:32 


Well, so it's... So it's actually one of my goals.

and and I throw it out there because I'm waiting for the person to be like, I can make that happen.

I want to interview Ronaldo or There I wanna tell him this story.

because you changed my life.


Juliet Hahn  00:11:48 

Right. Which I love.


Fran Racioppi  00:11:48 

you really did. Tom Broke around Changed My.

And then and then I said, no. I'm gonna go do this saying. And by that time, I had watched

the special forces had you had and in my mind, saved save the world after nine eleven

going into afghanistan say defeating the taliban and and

take and expanding in qaeda. And I said, well, that's that right there.

I wanna do those guys have beards. They have long hair, the writing horses, that looks crazy.

and joining the army and my Officer Canada school with the goal, eventually becoming a great gray.

and served in the special forces, which I was fortunate enough to do and spent thirteen years

in the military.


Juliet Hahn  00:12:21 

So again,

like, when I think about this, I was in the city in nine eleven, you are your junior

year and you spent thirteen years in the special forces

And I know we... I've listened to a number of podcasts that you either

have been on or, you know, on your podcast talked about.

And one of the things that I thought was fascinating, and and I always love to bring this back


athletes because I really do think when you're a college athlete,

there is something kind of embedded in you, and it's it's really that workhorse. It's like that work

ethic, but also with the military. I mean, you have to be someone that's like, okay.

kind of balls the walls. Like you can't just be someone that's like, yeah. Let me just

try this out. I mean, you're a green. And in my mind, that's like

the coolest thing. I mean, my dad was in the military. I told my dad actually,

that I was gonna keep their dry... I I wonder if my is this my dad?

Hold on one second. This might be my... No. It's not

My dad was gonna pass away. There's a mark with the c and the audience more.

and then my dad has that mark with the say and they, we're gonna try to listen because he was

like, oh my gosh. I really. He heard our podcast together and said this is

really fascinating my dad was in Vietnam.

and was wounded early on. So I have a, you know, in my

grandfather was in in the army, not my dad's dad, but my mom's dad, And so I have

just, you know, such a respect for what you guys do and

And so when you said, I'm going into the army. What did your parents

your siblings, like, what was the kind of thought behind that?


Fran Racioppi  00:13:51 

Yeah. Well... Well, first,

mark your dad

thank you for your service. It's really, really important. I mean, that generation of

not only the Vietnam veterans, but Career veterans in World war two, and everybody who served

set the conditions for what really I I truly believe has made this country

the greatest country in the world, and and we owe tremendous dad of gratitude to everybody who served


Juliet Hahn  00:14:19 

Thank you.


Fran Racioppi  00:14:16 

before with and after me. So I really do appreciate that.

my... What

what did everybody say? What are you crazy? My dad day you go to the air force.

because you don't do anything. So, no. No If force be well now that

come after me after that. But they do do that they do stuff. It's just different. They're really important.

saved me a lot of times. I

But that was my dad's perspective. My mom didn't really wanna to talk about it.

my my wife... You know, now we've been together since we were in college.

and I just didn't tell her I just

I just went and did it, and she thought I was gonna move to

to Bang maine and become a a weather man or something up there.


Juliet Hahn  00:14:56 

right. Right.


Fran Racioppi  00:14:58 

came back one.


Juliet Hahn  00:14:58 

So that has to been shocking for her though, to be like, wait. What did you do?



Fran Racioppi  00:15:03 

Yeah. She in in retrospect

she she probably looked back now and she's like, well, you know, that I should've have known back then that

once you get these ideas in your head, you're just gonna run with it. So I might as well support it, which is why

pretty much died ever since and that couldn't be more appreciative of that.

you know, certainly been for

over twenty years now, you know, one of my biggest supporter and every crazy idea that

ever had. But, yeah, she she supported it and

and and I'll I'll say you you brought up athletics.


would never have

been able to achieve success in the Army and

and and

going to ranger school, graduate rangers school and becoming a Green bay.

and and passing selection and making it through all that. If I had never



Juliet Hahn  00:15:49 



Fran Racioppi  00:15:51 

rowing in college. Like, I honestly do believe that that set the foundation

for absolutely everything that I was able to achieve in my in my life

know, personally and professionally because the work ethic

that is instilled. And you had I played high school sports. I was

on the football team and I played across and I had worked hard, but I had never under

stood what?

hard work really was until you compete at a division one college level.

in a sport like rowing, where I truly don't... There is no other

sport that case you from

nothing resting heart rate to complete

lactic acid, you know, meltdown down in in a matter of five and half

to six minutes.

and passport does that. And not only does it require

an extreme individual effort

but it requires a team effort as well in

terms of physical capability and technical capability. And when you take those,

components, and then you say, well,

How are you successful in special courses? It it they

is really simple. Like, when I was in college, I had to be number one

had to be technically

and physically competent as an individual, and then I had to do that.


eight other people in a boat,

I'm saying eight people say there's only eight about no. There's a cox. So you have to work with that too.


Juliet Hahn  00:17:06 



Fran Racioppi  00:17:07 

So nine people in this boat

and everybody has to work together and it's and it's precision. It's

technically proficient

and at the point that which

you believe you don't have anything left. Well, that

point in time has to get earlier and earlier.

in order to compete

at the highest level and win what I mean by that Is you can't wait for the last

five hundred meters of the race you need to go from the start, and that really teaches you

what it takes to win.


Juliet Hahn  00:17:31 

Right. And that's... I mean, when when I learn

that about you. I was like, that makes sense that you have that background

that you played sports. And, you know, when when

Again, you know, I played in college. I didn't play at the the division one level, but I played two sports.

And so it was one of those things that... you know, I constantly

you have to have that in mind, but if not only yourself, it's your team. And so, you know, I play

feel jockey and we'll cross, which is is different.

in you know with Rowing, rowing is one of those, like, gymnastics

There's certain, like sports I in my own head and in

might not be true with in the world, but in my own head,

gymnastics rowing and a couple other that

I'm always like, you know what that is like?

you're in it and you have to be so not just

you're physical.

you also have to have be in your minds. Right? It can't just be your

physical and my kids and I talk about this a lot, And I think when you and I touched on this before.

but there is something with talent versus work

and worth ethic versus talent. And my kids and I talk about it.

that, like, you could be the most natural athletic

but you don't work as hard and my and my sister and I

this is I was probably more naturally athletic than her.

but she worked to her ass.

all year round. I was like, I took some time, but then the second we got into season

is when I really worked my ass off, and as the time as we grew,

she probably became a little bit of a better athlete because of that, Like,

she never let up where I would someday days like, and I don't feel like running the five miles. I'm gonna


know the the cheapest. I kinda like admit. But I would go and hide behind your tree with, like,

three of my other teammates, and then we to pop out and be like, woo hoo. I did not do that all the time

don't don't think that. But it it was just something different

like, when I swam, I sometimes would swim under the lane. Like, I it's just me.

anyone that's little something is like, oh, okay. I got it. But so

what do you think there with that like, natural ass lettuce?

versus the worst ethic. And then, you know, when that's combined with one person that's

when you get that, like, one percent, like, you know, just crazy athlete,

but you don't have to be a crazy athlete all the time to be the top of your

game if you have that worth ethic, Do you agree or disagree?


Fran Racioppi  00:19:45 

Yeah. I think that... Well, first of all, it depends on what your goal.


Juliet Hahn  00:19:49 

I love that.


Fran Racioppi  00:19:49 

So I mean, it it's it's really what's your called. You

are you? I mean, I'm... Yeah... You you started with it. But I mean, I

I'm I'm forty one now, and like, I'm not a debate one college athlete.

not green break, you know, serving an active beauty brain or

you know, like, what I'm I'm not competing in

in absolute course racing and, you know, and running, you know, spartan races.

I'm covering them now, you know, friend from the podcast


Juliet Hahn  00:20:16 



Fran Racioppi  00:20:16 

perspective, and I'm kind of daily and messing around.

but my goal right now is to just be, you know, is to be physically fit as best said I can be and

so that I don't want to ever

be limited by my physical capability, and you'll hear a lot of professional

we talk about that in their second phase after, you know, what do they try to do with

about competing, and that's very much how I feel. I wanna be all the play


Juliet Hahn  00:20:39 



Fran Racioppi  00:20:37 

across with my daughter without my knees or I wanna be able to chase my son around. I wanna be out he's

he's only two. And so he's got a long way to go and

so I don't wanna, you know, I wanna be able the play with him in ten and twenty years.

and not and not being limited physically. So that's my goal right now.

if your goal is to compete,


at a professional level and b competitive.

what I say is that

your raw ability is gonna run out.

you're gonna eventually get to the point where everybody has

raw. Everybody has

everybody at so I also work as a performance development

coach at Boston University with the men's rolling team. And so I talked to the team in the

and the coaches and the athletic staff on on the emotional and mental

side of the sport.

and and how that affects training and competition. And one of the biggest


and things that I speak to them about, especially at the no later part of the season.

is everybody's put the work in.

everybody has earned the right to get to the starting.


But now

the differences is.

the guys

who did

not what was asked of them.


Juliet Hahn  00:21:49 



Fran Racioppi  00:21:51 

but what was required to win?


Juliet Hahn  00:21:53 



Fran Racioppi  00:21:54 

And that is a big difference. And I interviewed anybody who's really a


Juliet Hahn  00:21:58 

No, Please.


Fran Racioppi  00:21:58 

in this topic, and I'll put a shape most plug in here. And anyone who's really interested this topic

should listen to the Undergraduate Podcast episode sixty

came out last week, we're promoting it right now on all of our social media.

But episode, Stacy was with Josh Bridges, Josh Bridges,

was a navy feel

he was a alone officer who never heard about what it made seal wise

he was... Didn't know what you wanna do his life. Some guy was like, you should start doing cross and

we become a navy seal like, I don't know either those two things are. But let me check them out.

Next thing, you know, is he's a navy seal, and then he

becomes one of one of prospect biggest

and most famous athletes. He just recently retired in the. I found the coffee come

they called good coffee. But what he

talks about is our whole conversation is about this

is that you think you're working hard

until you walk out and you turn around and there's guys going back in.


Juliet Hahn  00:22:48 



Fran Racioppi  00:22:50 

And that's paid manning, Tom Brady. You know, that's

the teams that are consistently

have it in their mind and he and Josh says this that

that everybody thinks they work hard.


think they never did enough.


Juliet Hahn  00:23:08 



Fran Racioppi  00:23:10 

and that's what he's talks about keeping in lot that night, and that's the attitude that you have to have is.

did I do it enough? What else is there? What haven't I done? What do I need?


be doing right now to better myself. And this doesn't really apply to athletic.

if you if you think about

I did an episode thirty eight with with his name Harris Gla that he owns

coming called midnight Express. They make... If you know, Mean, I express if you're in the boat.


Juliet Hahn  00:23:36 



Fran Racioppi  00:23:35 

you probably know it is, but they make the million dollar power votes down in South Florida.

And he says the entrepreneur

it's the first thing they think about when they wake up. And it's the last thing they think about when they


Juliet Hahn  00:23:48 



Fran Racioppi  00:23:47 

better it's constantly. What happened I got what happened I done? And it beats you up inside.

in order to close out one percent,

If not,

what has been asked of you?

it's identifying what's required to win, and are you willing to make that commit?

If you are

you'll be a champion.

you'll be the most successful. If you're not, that's fine too.

that maybe all you... You might just wanna be in the game if being in the game,

is good enough for you.

That's great.

if you wanna win, you have to find what that gap is and you have to close that gap.


Juliet Hahn  00:24:18 

I love that. And you guys... You can hear. And this is where I it's exciting

to hear. So you you heard that friend was a green He rode at

in Boston, and you can hear how excited he just got talking about this podcast.

and this is where I wanna kind of

take this like a little little little pivot, but you

for thirteen years, you were in the green.

tell us because I know you were stationed in Africa for a while, and that was towards the ends. And you said you may

your wife in college and you joins,

the army with her not really completely realizing when you guys were dating.

where did that lead you? And then how did you kinda decide? Okay? It's

time for me to exit the army and then tell us that little story because I remember listening

that a little bit touching on, okay. I need to now get, like, a job


Fran Racioppi  00:25:07 



Juliet Hahn  00:25:06 

what do I do? And take us through that pass a little bit, please.


Fran Racioppi  00:25:10 

Sure. Yeah. So I I mean, I I

join the army two months after we graduated college and

when straight to basic training, the war Iraq had started, went to my

you're half basic training our initial training went to my

unit as went to Iraq for a year, Two thousand and five two thousand six

and then came back

made the jump to special forces and then served in special forces.

until I got out in thousand sixteen.

went to Iraq two more times as a special forces.

the detachment commander I also served in a variety of different

operations officer roles in running eighteen teams

than an entire group. And I was me... I bought my last job I was the aid

to to star General who commanded all special operations in Africa. And got

So I spent about two years.

in and out of of Africa. I lived on the continent for six months as well.

in east Africa. And so when I got out,

and I've talked about this before I had not been home

in in years. And the last time that my

life and a height had been, you know, really like, together was in college.

and, you know, we grew apart and and our our relationship in our marriage

suffered tremendously because of it.

and we spent about six years separated actually.

and the and that so I got out when

her and my daughter moved to New York and said, you know,

if this is what you wanna do, you know, then you're gonna pursue it, but we don't

we have other things that we wanna do with life, and I had to make the

decision that did I wanna continue to pursue this or did I wanna try to

you know, repair a family and make that work. And so I followed

to New York. I went to

I I I didn't know what I wanted to do.

actually, I was completely confused that I had applied to

hundreds of jobs that every company that you could think of and I had

not gotten very many offers or or any... And

and there was a knowledge yeah. You know, it was it was the... You had a lot of of

soft skills.

lot of leadership, you know, but leadership, yeah give a lot of talks

there's should work with a lot of groups and I say, you know, leadership everybody has a different definition

leadership, And so it's difficult to quantify that.

what you can quantify things like, do you know, how to read a balance sheet,

do you know what a P l is? You know, how to create a marketing strategy and

unfortunately, when all of your answers are, what is that? I've never heard of that.

you don't get a whole lot of jobs or you come out of the military. So

I kind... I I identified that

The military trains you

and every time you get promoted, every time you take new job, they send you to a school.

And I looked at getting out of the military very much the same way and

I need closing an all in. I find you to get an Mba

And so I apply then why you got in, and then I went

And and there for, two years while I lived in New York and we live separate, actually,

so I wasn't like. I went to New York and we just figured it all out it

family back together and took another

or five years.

to really work through that. As I went through my journey of you know, being

not in the military. And the only thing that last thing I had known

was being


Juliet Hahn  00:28:33 



Fran Racioppi  00:28:29 

thirteen years in the past, and being a college kid.

and so, you know, what what do you do when you... When when you leave one college,

And essentially, the next time you have freedom is you're another college student end up back in that college, dude.


Juliet Hahn  00:28:41 



Fran Racioppi  00:28:42 

So so I did that in made a a series of other

you know,


Juliet Hahn  00:28:48 



Fran Racioppi  00:28:48 

choices, You know, we could we can... Are you or they poor or not at this

going, you know, certainly there in retrospect. But the good thing is is put a lot of work in over the way

couple years got our our family back together. We had our son, who's now two

and and now has been a really, really exciting time.


So kill me for saying this, but we're having another

  1. In October, but don't tell it.



Juliet Hahn  00:29:13 

Amazing. Well, so... I and I this is

...and I... You know, thank you for sharing that. Because I know that's not always easy to talk about

you know, where you locked. Right? You you did all these things and

what year did you guys get married? Did you get married right out of college?


Fran Racioppi  00:29:26 

and in two thousand five. So I i've got out of college in two thousand

degree. So we got married in two thousand and five right before I went to Iraq.

for a year.


Juliet Hahn  00:29:31 

Right before you went to right back,

and can you take us a little bit into, like, what was the mindset of... Okay, we need to get married


before I go overseas, was it? Because you wanted to

not lose on. And I'm just I'm very curious there.


Fran Racioppi  00:29:44 

Yeah. That's a... That's a good question.

Mean, we've been together i mean, on and off, you didn't college you always.


Juliet Hahn  00:29:53 



Fran Racioppi  00:29:55 

great, everybody who has you know, Maybe you always break up for


Juliet Hahn  00:29:59 



Fran Racioppi  00:29:58 

couple months here and there and know the way it is.

I know we've been together it for a long time feel five

years at that point, and it was like hey, I'm going to my rack for a year and

you know, I mean, if we're we're I'm

we see a future and we've made it this far, and she, Had moved down to Georgia

where I've been training and then we moved to Colorado, and we owned house together and it was

the natural progression of well, what's let's get married. And if we don't do it,

if we don't do it now we're not doing it for a year, because that's what


Juliet Hahn  00:30:29 



Fran Racioppi  00:30:28 

I get back. So so that's what that was really the driver decision.


Juliet Hahn  00:30:31 

Right. No. And I appreciate that. I mean, because one of the things that I always find

You know, but I always say on my podcast, and really, and I believe in a life that we all have passed

whether you believe in god, whether you believe in the universe, we all have passed and we meet people

on those paths are meant to be with us and either

those people bring you up where they bring you down, and it's a choice

to make what path you're going to stay with or, you know, what people you're gonna stay with. So, obviously,

you guys really brought each other up. Like, your you're... I mean, I... You know, I met your daughter she's wonderful. Even

just gonna see great pictures. She was such a... I mean, she was really, you know, she

jumped in and was like here, you know, here dad. I'm I'm happy to help.

I mean, we we need to say what is she thirteen or fourteen?


Fran Racioppi  00:31:10 

Get twelve.


Juliet Hahn  00:31:11 

Oh, twelve. Yeah. I mean, okay. She's even yet.


Fran Racioppi  00:31:12 

Yeah. Can't blame.


Juliet Hahn  00:31:14 

yeah Totally, she thought you was did a great job. Because I have the all those ages right there.


you know, that's there's something about that You're loyal. And you know, that

says to you, you're a loyal person, Obviously, your wife is too and you guys

new, Okay. Let's grow with each other and the fact that you decided, okay.

after thirteen years being in the military,

I want. I don't want this part.

to go. This is this is my heart. This is where I felt. Now that had to be

tremendously difficult.

I mean, I can't even imagine having to choose

being like, okay. Because from what I I read and what you have said, you love

being in... You you love fingerprint a green bray.


Fran Racioppi  00:31:53 

Yeah. I know I absolutely did absolute

I was great. I it was a

wasn't a I certainly wasn't not a lifelong. Wasn't like, I was a little kid and

was like, I'm always gonna be this, but, you know, I was was pretty good at it. And

I really enjoyed traveling, and I loved I love making any

what matters to me is making it impacted who.


Juliet Hahn  00:32:15 



Fran Racioppi  00:32:16 

and so you can do that in a variety of different ways.

And so it's about how do you how do you choose

to to make an impact. But, yeah, everyone... And I talked to my

buddies who are still in and they only have

a year or two, and then they're retiring because They'll hit there twenty years. So that's kinda crazy.


Juliet Hahn  00:32:29 

Right. Right.


Fran Racioppi  00:32:32 

because that's... Because I I think About all right peers of like like could be retired

two years, but then I'm like, you value you'll ever a parent. And so I I look at it now and it's like, well,

where would I be though? You know? I I think that

if you look at your military career in the trajectory,

you... It's kind pretty defined.

you you generally know, you know,

by the time you've hit that ten year mark, you know... If you're

being assessed in groomed or future levels of

command or if you're gonna be in a staff role or what you're gonna do for the rest of your career.

so you didn't really know

the exciting

things. Really have a a lot of

opportunities that will come your way that you can't predict and there's a lot of great things that you can do.

when you get out,


you kinda guys start figuring it out, and and there's excitement

in having to solve that problem.

and that's gonna change a a multitude of different ways. I think

as you as you grow and evolve, and as

as you define who and what you wanna be, I think if I look

a year or two down the road, and I say,

for myself in that position and I'll be in that position. And I'll say

am I better today having gotten out?

or what Have been better if I had say that certainly those pass would be at in very different.

But I think that I'll be very confident and at

excited about where I am having experienced all the things that I did from

twenty sixteen and twenty twenty three.


Juliet Hahn  00:34:02 

Right. And I have to say. I mean, just knowing you a little bit

feel like I you know, know you enough that when whatever you do, you really put

your heart and so. So I feel like once you made that decision and correct

me if I'm wrong, But once you made that decision, like, okay. No. I'm going to save my family. That's

what I wanna do, I wanna be with my wife and my daughter, and I can say, oh,

I did... You know, I impacted a lot of people in this part of my green.

career. And now I wanna make a difference here and find out what's next for me.

do you think and I guess my question is do you do you go back

ever regret or you... What I in picture as you as you're, like,

Okay. That was great. Now on to the next thing, and now I'm on to

making impact in this part of my life.


Fran Racioppi  00:34:46 

I think you gotta be on to the next


Juliet Hahn  00:34:46 



Fran Racioppi  00:34:49 

I don't I don't think he gets you anywhere. And the times the times I've changed it,


Juliet Hahn  00:34:54 



Fran Racioppi  00:34:54 

I mean, what what we were doing

sharing my my time and is much different. I mean, this was the

the high left Iraq and the global war on terror. And what's what's

  1. You know. What

the mission is right now is vastly different than what it was when went on there. So

I I don't know if looking back in that manners



Juliet Hahn  00:35:11 

I totally agree.


Fran Racioppi  00:35:15 

I think you gotta focus on what's an connection where you wanna be. And what's

what's the next chapter look like? And I think

that's what I've

I tried to really focus on


Juliet Hahn  00:35:22 

Yes. And you can see, because now we're gonna get into this so this

chapter. So you went to get your Mba. And again, thank you for sharing all that

I know that's not always easy. But so you

got your Mba.

and I know there was something that I read, you actually missed the deadline and you called off, and we're like, okay.


Fran Racioppi  00:35:41 



Juliet Hahn  00:35:41 

Oh, come on. You get... You got romeo about

that a little bit.


Fran Racioppi  00:35:47 

I missed the deadline for application for for Nyu, and then I

and I just called and asked if I could apply, and I didn't... I didn't give them a chance

to speak. I called the head of the admissions department, and I just

spit to the phone. And I said, hi. My name's friend jab,

green bread I'm looking it out. I wanna program and I kinda gave this whole

reason as to how I was in Africa and I didn't you're

expect to do this, but I really needed to be in the class and then they said, oh,


go out the application. And I? So I already did. Oh, okay.

and I done everything and Had already submitted and and

learned behold there were

the normal class is this class size it's sixty our class had sixty one.

  1. So I I Like do think Guy was the one you

created the sixty first spot.


Juliet Hahn  00:36:35 

Right. Well, I love that, But and not something that I want everyone that's listening to this

to think about. Sometimes we meet mistakes. Right? We missed deadlines.

but don't just be like, oh, I missed it.

call, find out because it never hurts to ask

and kinda pushing and being like, hey, this is my situation.

you know, I'm not making excuses for myself because it's very different, you know, kinda of missing it because you were, you know, smoke

way and playing video games. But, you know, and and, again, even if you were doing that

you missed it and you're like, I wanna change my life. You have to think about that.

then you jumped into Mba and, you know, you really

kinda put both sheets in really, really focused.

Can you tell us when you got out of that because that was another part of the story that I was like,

This is so interesting. Is the first job you got

out because I love how you know, anyone that's just joining friend spoke about

you know, he applied to all these different jobs. And when you

you know, green black. I have all these leadership, but things that

kind of translate in the business world don't translate

in the military. And so he had to learn and that's why he went and got the Mba.

So when you got out, can you take us a little through that after you graduated him?


Fran Racioppi  00:37:43 

Yeah. Well, I was very fortunate to have met I guy right Rick nelson.

and Rick also works at at Merrill Lynch. And he

what the first to expose me? And this concept that now

court of the podcast and talent group who I work with. And that's

this this concept of hire character training per skill. And so what that means is

find people who have a demonstrated pattern of success and what they've done in their life,

they they exhibit a certain level of

character and define those character traits. What are they? You know? We talk about knives

the podcasting and those are the nine that are used by special operations command to

assess and recruited and select talent, and then everything was based on the

in of various degrees in each one of those nine.

but figure out what you're looking for for in someone.

and wait that


technical skills, especially technical skills that can be

caught. If you can teach someone of high character, how to do something who has a demonstrated pattern of

success other places in their life.

You can

really be confident that they're most likely gonna succeed in what they're asking you to do.

if they're hearts in it, I I I'll say that for a very

court reason.


Juliet Hahn  00:38:54 

and I love that. I love that so much. Because you know, like, what my just

and stuff like that, Like, that always... It's something that is

so true if you see something in someone, don't just assume, oh, they can't do it.

And so I just... I love that and that was one of the things that we talked about in your podcast.

and I think it's just so brilliant. So please please continue.


Fran Racioppi  00:39:13 

And they'll they'll figure it out, and you'll teach him, you... If you're willing to invest

in the hard skills. They'll learn. And then so that's what Rick hired me at Merrill lynch.

to do, and I was very fortunate to to stay one of my

best friends and we're super close. And so I worked in Merrill Lynch while I was in business

and I was a financial adviser, and I got was

became a registered, you know, represented Series seven.

sole insurance. I got talked about people about investing with me.

And and and that... That's a great

industry. I learned a tremendous amount, but I said,

phrase if you're hearts in it for a very important reason. I have no doubt that

I would have been successful as I

lasted there longer than eighteen months. But my heart wasn't in it and

and one of the most difficult conversations that I've ever had in

in my life and personally or professionally was the day I had to go in

to Rick and tell him that I wasn't gonna be staying past.

my graduation, and then I was gonna be going on to go do someone else because

This was the future of his business, and you know, he really looked at the growth

of his business and taking you honest partner and kind invest a lot of

an energy and effort in developing the upper a year and a half. And

I just... I just woke up every day, and I i

I didn't... I didn't

I wasn't able to give a hundred percent

in my heart. And I'm... You know, you talked about your all in

I talked about Josh Bridges and Josh Who says, you know, if you do it do to Go, Pro, I'm a one


person on the dial. You know, either. I don't care.

or I'm all in and there's very little in between and and

And I just wasn't there. I did I was on the the one side

things. And so I had a do and have that difficult conversation with him.

And then I went and I was the

the director of global security Snapchat, which was a great opportunity

and a really exciting time to me at that company shortly after they went public and

it was able

to professional and grow their global security department

across the entire world. So that was that was really, really cool.


Juliet Hahn  00:41:15 

Yeah. And, you know, I love what you said because that's one of the reasons why we do get along

because I'm the same i'm My i a one or a ten. There's no there's not a lot in between them all or nothing.

and I want everyone again to listen to that because if you're waking up

like Fran said he he just knew he wasn't in it, and I think that's

Some people have that quality where they can be like, okay.

I know this is gonna be hard, but I know that this is not right. I know that

this is not right for me, and I'm also not serving the people

that have invested in me. And so I owe it to them to be like, you know what?

I'm not your person, but I so appreciate you for that opportunity.

and then you find what the opportunity is that you're meant to do. There's so many people

even today that are listening to this podcast or no people that are stuck

in jobs or stuck in parts of their life that they're just

not happy, and they're not showing up and they're not serving the people that they should be serving.

because they're either fearful.

or they are don't wanna hurt people's feelings or they just don't know what

to do. And so I think that it's so important. That's one of the reasons why I started my whole time

cast in all of these different series I have is that I want one person to be listening to this being like,

you know what? It's my time. I need to... I need to resign, and I need to

hear out what what to do or I need to change my life. I need to get out of this relationship.

I need to get out of this part of the world that I'm in and I need to move to a different place.

because it's so important. We all just have one life. And if you're just going to the motions,

and you're kind of an auto autopilot. What kind of life is that? You know, and we all go through period,

know, I'm not always... Woo like this. You know, there's some days that I'm in autopilot, but that's

that's, you know, we're humans, but I know when to churn that autopilot off.

and go into, you know, what I'm meant to be doing. So

friend, I love that but you had that hard, you know, conversation and you said,

if if you didn't have that,

your relationship with your friends. I forget his name. I apologize.


Fran Racioppi  00:43:00 



Juliet Hahn  00:43:05 

Rick, If you did not have that conversation and you stayed in that

position because you were like, okay. I can make a good living

you know, I have a way if I've you a daughter,

I know I can make a good living and I just stay there. What would... You know what would a that

done to the relationship with you and Rick. And what would bad have done

the relationship with you and your wife that you have, you know, now amended.

really think about that. Right?


Fran Racioppi  00:43:29 

I'm being a completely different spot.


Juliet Hahn  00:43:31 



Fran Racioppi  00:43:32 

So I mean, I mean, it's just what's one of those

I think it's it's one of us. You look back in your life and you think about decision. You know, you you

life's a lot like a football game, you know, a super Bowl. Right? They talk about

su, you know, Super Bowl often come down most often come down to, like, two or three critical

plays. And if the play Had kinda gone on the other direction it would have changed the momentum, it would

possibly we had a different result. You know, that's one of those pure

time where I look back at my life you, he could sum up you know, that that


Juliet Hahn  00:44:02 



Fran Racioppi  00:44:01 

four decisions you made in your life that really swung things a certain way.

you know, that's that's one of them. Yep.


Juliet Hahn  00:44:07 

Right. I love that. So then take us then. And I'm really because I wanna get in

do I know we have, like, about fifteen minutes. I want to get in, like, how you found the judd


Fran Racioppi  00:44:14 



Juliet Hahn  00:44:15 

podcast, but also what you're doing now because you have a, you know,

it in a couple times where we've been talking. You're, like I'm an Over here.


Fran Racioppi  00:44:21 



Juliet Hahn  00:44:22 

where are you now? This is so amazing. So take us through a little bit that

and I do have to pause because am I not right? I would love to hear a sound of a applause of anyone

that had listens from the beginning about

everything that you're talking about. I mean, you would think you were, like, sixty five.

You have lived life.


Fran Racioppi  00:44:41 



Juliet Hahn  00:44:41 

but you have a two year old and you're in your early forties.


Fran Racioppi  00:44:44 



Juliet Hahn  00:44:44 

But that's... You know, what? That's one of the things I find fascinating a

out you though is that you really are like, I'm gonna jew


you know, you're you're you're going. You're looking to better your life.

and that's what I think is is so many people are lacking. So

explain what you're doing now and then how, you know, the podcast came about and

some of the live events that you've been at and, you know, all of that good stuff.


Fran Racioppi  00:45:04 


absolutely. So, yeah. I I I would I say that

at at Snap a year and a half and

had a a hard lesson in corporate in corporate environment.

And the fact that you can't you can't Jam change down people's throat and so How did call

difficult right there about learned a lot and came came out a better person.

And then I went and I I ran a

I can this company.


Juliet Hahn  00:45:32 

Right. Wow.


Fran Racioppi  00:45:31 

in La. And that was that was really, really cool for Russian dark.

And then when Covid started that investment, what a

shut down. And so, unfortunately, I had to sit there

Kobe, like, so many people in say

who who am I? And what what I wanna do with my life?


Juliet Hahn  00:45:50 



Fran Racioppi  00:45:50 

because I need to figure all this out, and our our son had been born on March


Juliet Hahn  00:45:51 




Fran Racioppi  00:45:54 

seventeenth of twenty twenty. So in in Then Manhattan,

and we were the only people on the street, you know, that

on on that day, and so that was pretty crazy, and it it was matter figured out.

what I'm gonna do the rest my license and as I sat there, contemplating that,

you, I I went back

to things that I truly cared about where I had kind of

started and life comes full circle sometimes and I said, you know, I Everybody

that person should actually write a book, and then I was like, well, I tried

a couple people in there. Like, you should think a lot of podcaster. I said why I a lot to say.


Juliet Hahn  00:46:27 



Fran Racioppi  00:46:27 

But what would I talk about? I have no idea. And so that

I started kind of formulating what that might look like that involved with organization called the Talent War group.

is one of our sponsors and very influential and started healthy. I start the Dead podcast

they had read a book called the talent war, not

translation of special operations, mindset, and special operations

character into corporate organizations and and other organizations. And so

was very close with with them, and they

I went to the message, I wanna start a podcast. It's gonna be called the Podcast.

we're gonna take Converts from World War two who were a transformative organization who

what I call visionary drivers have changed, those

dedicated to winning and had to win at all costs. And if you're not familiar with

with the Jed operation World war two,

in May of nineteen forty three, The allies identified that the war was all about lost

Germany had occupied friends. London was

was under on under siege, and they said we have to invade Friends

Normandy was the only way Under France and a operation over Lord.

but they couldn't do it because German superior machine guns

they had in entrance. So they had to create

this organization, they recruited a hundred people each

from the French, British and American militaries. They sent him to Greg, Scotland in the Northern

northern portion of scotland, and they train them in dream three man teams, one America


Juliet Hahn  00:47:55 



Fran Racioppi  00:47:53 

one British one French. Sorry in the night before D day, they parachute them in

behind enemy lines and occupied France where

they linked up with french resistance forces. They trained them. They equip them

and then they conducted sabotage and some version operations against

German reinforcements into Normandy, creating instances where movements that

should've have taken the Germans

two to three days we're taking upwards of three to four weeks.

because of the the work they were doing and that allowed enough



the invasion forces to gain a beach head

put enough

troops onto the shore and normandy and eventually moved into france.

and the General organization was transformative

went in the war, they were given very little guidance in

terms, and they were just given a vision


Juliet Hahn  00:48:39 



Fran Racioppi  00:48:42 

go away with at all costs.

and that's what they did, And that organization went on the form operated the operations director

cia i when

war two was over, and then in the early fifties,

they were taken out of the Cia into the Us Army.

and they became the green rays and the army special forces


Juliet Hahn  00:49:03 

The jennifer birth.


Fran Racioppi  00:49:02 

So my lineage as a green gray goes back to

Dread. And today, I tell the story

of modern day bridges.

in business, athletics, entrepreneur,

social activism, journaling military leaders, with leaders there's

no conversation that I'm not not willing to have.

from all different industries and walks of life.

and then


Juliet Hahn  00:49:26 

and and then people can hear the excitement that you have just talk about that. And I know I was so honored

to be on your podcast, and we had such a... Anyone that's just joining

Fran actually came to West Hampton Beach, and we recorded live, which was really, really fun.

And I think I came

my episode was right after New, and I was... My... I, like, sent it


Fran Racioppi  00:49:47 

I think so.



Juliet Hahn  00:49:48 

Yeah. And I said it my friend. They're like, oh, I think you're doing.

think you're doing pretty well. I said... I think my podcast is doing pretty well. And you one of those things.

And so I and I love that you just explained all that because you could


why it made sense to be called the Podcast. So you wanna tell us a

couple different guest. I mean, I know you've had some really really cool gas


Fran Racioppi  00:50:10 




Juliet Hahn  00:50:09 

on and it's... Like, when people say to me, who's your favorite? I'm like, I've had a hundred like, to

I can't I can name some, you know, experience that I remember

people talking about, but I I don't have... There's no like, favorite. Because they, all

inspire me in such a different way. Every time I talk to someone that is making a

change someone that's doing something like you did where they really have pivoted their lives

into into something that they've dreamed about and wanted and and kind of, you know,

have gone and feel not nervous, being... I mean, obviously nervous

i shouldn't say that, But, like, you know, oh,


Fran Racioppi  00:50:38 

I'm nervous every day.


Juliet Hahn  00:50:41 

every day. I know... And so that's why when I said that I was like, no. I didn't mean that. Because we're all, you know, we're all numbers, but we're

we're not letting fear stop us. We're not letting fear or, okay. Well, what if this doesn't work?

stop us We're

going out and doing things and you really have done that so beautifully.

do you have any, like, moments? You know, I know you just came back from a live event, and you've done some really cool

things that you'll stand out in your mind.


Fran Racioppi  00:51:04 

we we've been extremely fortunate like

and be more appreciated to all the support that we have. Our all our title sponsors is Jersey Bikes.

So Peter Tan crow founder her Jersey Mike, so I'm met at Merrill.


Juliet Hahn  00:51:13 



Fran Racioppi  00:51:17 

and it he's very close with Rick with Rick Nelson. Who I talked about

and so they actually

he then I... When I started the podcast, I made the list who are the people I would talk


Juliet Hahn  00:51:29 



Fran Racioppi  00:51:30 

Okay. Who's in my phone? Who can I call? Who should be that first?

trance of guests and I called rick and I said, hey, You think peter welcome on the

podcast I wanna talk to him. Maybe he has some good ideas. And so he said, yeah try him and

and Peter was absolutely adamant supportive of it.

And so we had him on. It was like episode two is really our first external. Yes.

and and then we were fortunate to to build it from there. He launched us

and then has come on this year in twenty twenty two after we... I went back


Juliet Hahn  00:51:58 



Fran Racioppi  00:51:57 

said, look, I told you it was gonna work. And and thank him and then make

came in as our title sponsor and and

we have had as you mentioned, new Singers, we've had Nfl players. We had

Austin colleagues was the all wide receiver. We had Jesse Graft from American ninja Warrior and

stunt women we had. We had a series of Olympic medal

had Jimmy Stone, who's only been medal in

when it's rowing, we have more welcome send with medal women's platform diving.

we've had the secretary of defense former of

defense under president Trump, Chris Miller. We did a big episode on Afghanistan

stand where we had right at nine eleven, we had

an afghan immigrant who had been evacuated out of that

understand we had Chris who served not only

figured day of defense, but was in one of the first special forces teams.

into Afghanistan in two thousand and one, and we had an organization called No left behind.

and two of their board members who are also army veterans and than everybody shared their

lemon story and then talked about the withdrawal of afghanistan.

we have had general Crystal

for those who might know General Crystal,

we've have had very famous, a lot of athlete

We've had Jason, one the cross games

in in two thousand and eight, started a a gym franchise

I could go on. It's been it's been a really amazing

experience for us we're starting to incorporate live events.

we went to Jackson the last month at doing the bank called Sam Jackson

first that were go rug games, and we covered that three day fitness festival. We

we did twelve episodes we recorded down there. We've launched a short form series

our long torn series releases on Thursdays. They're about

fifty minutes to an hour and a half.

depending on on who the what we're talking about and who the guest is,

those released on Thursdays, and we've started releasing periodically

on Monday's a short form called jumping in. So

Denver jumped into World war two, was fast and swift, and we do a short form fifteen

twenty, twenty five minutes on a short form one on series of Mondays,

just today launched a conversation with the Green Foundation

and and that's allowing us to

talk about one subject, you know, really in depth really quick. We did an episode with.

we didn't an episode with the former head of the Cia

operations director it, who had also been on episode thirteen about Ukraine and


Juliet Hahn  00:54:26 



Fran Racioppi  00:54:27 

Russia and the situation there. And so we've had a lot of fun

doing that. And so we're doing as many as we can in person.

that we we are doing our live events in the back of a World War two

Land Rover discovery ambulance that was used by

the British Royal air force, and we they

podcast studio that we built the back of that so we're getting that out

to live events. We're gonna go to the Veterans day parade in New York City this year, and we'll

want, and we are finalizing a number of other live events for the fall.


Juliet Hahn  00:54:58 

and love it. And mean, you guys can you can hear You can hear the excitement

that, you know, friend, what you're doing, this is it's so cool.

where your, you know, your journey has taken you, and I have to say Daniel in the audience.

said impressive list, You know, that I know if anyone else has a question

please. You can go to the react

over here with the little hearts, and you can put a question and I can ask Friend because

I also want... We... In the beginning when we started,

friend and I talks about we're gonna both be at pod fast

which is Orlando if they convention a podcast convention,

and we're both gonna be speaking at separate times.

and Fran approached me and said, hey, would you wanna be my host? I would love to do like, a

five, you know, event. I know you did it at the Super Bowl and all these different things. And I said, oh my god.

I I don't even need to know anymore. If you're doing something, I a hundred percent

we'll do it together because we do. I mean, anyone that's will me to this

I feel like we're very similar. Obviously, you know,

I'm older. I'm a female You're younger, you're a male, but we have the very same

kind of worth ethic and also our the way our brains

go where work site. When we get excited, we get

excited. And when we say we're gonna do something, we are gonna do something. So I would love before we wrap up,

because you did touch on this. How did you become the performance coach for the


Fran Racioppi  00:56:16 



Juliet Hahn  00:56:14 

for the the rowing. I mean, that's I love that because you have

you have your hands and feet. It's not... You just don't have two feet in and you have, like, every hand every foot, every

fiber of your hair into different things that I know, you know, are just helping more people.


Fran Racioppi  00:56:26 

Yeah. So my my day job,

actually, I'm the chief people officer of company called

linux solutions, which is the back office back office outsourcing company out of boston.

we have eight hundred employees. And so that's my that's my day job that

actually. And so right before we have down here, and I also run more

so I run marketing, I read people. And so I was having a

you lot a marketing campaign now about so lunch before I jump down to this,

But I I

I have been very involved with the Rolling team since I graduated

certainly, my time in the army, I was much more distance. But since the last couple of years, I've been

fault with them. And just a passionate mind to give back.

to the community and the next generation hopefully, there's. I don't wanna see the team succeed.

because I put a lot lot of blood sweat pierced into that river.

on the Charles river in Boston. And so I had the opportunity to

speak with them, you know, at hoc over the last couple of years, but I

the relationship with the coach and this year, we said, you know, how do we develop a formal program?

as I run leadership development programs for teens, individuals and organizations.

has another side, satisfied side business that I run under


Juliet Hahn  00:57:35 



Fran Racioppi  00:57:35 

my own company. And so we work with

with teams with individuals with corporate on

identifying not only corporate structure, but

building and we we run team building events We do coaching mentoring

And so now we've transitioned a portion of that and good

development team working with the team and and the athletes. And president


Juliet Hahn  00:57:54 



Fran Racioppi  00:57:56 

see from my own experience, which has been a really great

opportunity to be able to identify with them. And then we're building our

team building programs with with a number of national

national big companies that will be


Juliet Hahn  00:58:10 



Fran Racioppi  00:58:09 

published here in the next couple of weeks so we're very excited about that as well.

so the other day start at four Am and they end about.

about ten pm.


Juliet Hahn  00:58:14 

Right As that

you're and so you probably are... It's slightly hard or working and than I

you probably didn't cut the corners and your five miles when you read when you hand.


Fran Racioppi  00:58:24 



Juliet Hahn  00:58:25 

like, I was saying the Guy was joking. So

please also tell everyone where they can find you because I know people and Daniel i'm when ask

question in a moment. But I know there's so many people out there that are like, okay.

I... What what where can I find where can I learn more about Friend and what he's doing?


Fran Racioppi  00:58:42 



Juliet Hahn  00:58:40 

and how can I get involved? I mean, someone might say, I have a great, you know, guess

for you to have or I I wanna sponsor the Podcast. So please, you know, shout out

they can see in the fortune cookie, you know, a little bit, but also give us


Fran Racioppi  00:58:53 



Juliet Hahn  00:58:53 

you know, people that are driving that can't be reading right now.


Fran Racioppi  00:58:55 

Yeah. Yeah.

guest recommendations and sponsorship and are always welcome.

So please drift out. Now You can go to Jed

w dot dot podcast dot com.

will we'll get you to our site. All of our episodes are on there.

every episode as its own individual page where the full trends

description and an embedded player, so you can listen doing there. And anywhere where you get through podcast

Apple spotify eye heart wherever your podcast were

most likely on there around thirty something platforms.

you can go to Instagram, Twitter at Podcast.

Linkedin is Gender podcast, or you can find me friend or Turkey on

linkedin all of those trophy friend on Instagram, but Put my name the right way.


Juliet Hahn  00:59:41 



Fran Racioppi  00:59:42 

So follow me on on all of those all those different.



Juliet Hahn  00:59:44 

And you're also gonna be on pick Terry as soon as well.



Fran Racioppi  00:59:49 

Yeah. So we just had that conversation yesterday.

so so, yeah, we're we're finalizing the

that up here this week, and then we're gonna we're gonna meet with them when we're down there at podcast. And

talk a little bit more about getting on that platform as well.


Juliet Hahn  01:00:01 

Yes. And and Stewart, who St, who's one of the founders of pictures

actually, when we're at pod fast, we're gonna talk to him because he's gonna be there.

which will be really, really fun. And anyone that has not gone over to check out pictures cherries,

or if you're listening to this episode now or later because it's

gonna go out on my ssdi which will go everywhere. You can also go to pick

cherries and get that little snippet because there might be a significant that you're like, oh, my gosh.

I want my friends. I want someone to listen to this where you can share it, and they might say, oh, this is now. I don't have

time because I'm not as invested as my sister, my brother, whoever it is,

but when you send that little clip and they get that little clip,

that lights them on fire just like an Instagram, you know, like, an Ig or

short or, you know, a real

tick talk. This is very similar to that, and it's really exciting because then you're able to

share podcast like never before. So definitely check out picture Cherry.

And I have to say Daniel said, what legacy do you want to leave?


Fran Racioppi  01:00:59 

that's a that's a great question. Daniel... I've never i've never been asked that question.

The the the legacy that I wanna leave is was

was I a person that... Okay. I'll I'll I'll give you you this way This

just came up this week. To... Very simply, I'll give you a short answer. Getting you lawyer answer.

there's difference between being

a good dude and a nice guy.

And if you... And and I'm just posted about this yes.

today because I have this conversation with Josh Bridges, but I wanna be... I wanna be a good deal.

there's a lot of nice guys out there, but it could do this somebody who

tax other people and leaves organizations and people better

then then they were when they met them. And that's my goal.

And so we don't always, you know, always get it right in life but

if you're a good be people understand that, especially if you have

character to own up to your mistakes and make the corrections moving forward in the future.

and that's something that I've strive and very hard to do through the course of my life.

and that's the impact and the legacy that I would like to leave for

my family, my kids and anybody who takes the time to invest

in hearing what I have to say and supporting us and and

put a lot of work into into into that attitude, I think,


Juliet Hahn  01:02:16 

You definitely do. Thank you, Daniel for your question as well.

Mean, you definitely do. And it shows with everything that we just discussed

and I'm... You know, so I'm just happy that we connected funny enough.

you know, anyone that listens that knew that I had Connecticut ties


Fran Racioppi  01:02:33 



Juliet Hahn  01:02:31 

Fran actually lives in two towns, like, over from where I lived for over eight years, which I was, like,

wait. Where are you? This is crazy. Now, Like, there's even more time

and his daughter plays the cross, which we know how much I love across.

I I I was excited to hear that. But I just, you know, friend, again, thank you.

so much for joining Y live.

and Fireside. I mean, this is what I love about Fireside is

that people on Linkedin are listening right now. You know, they might not know about

side we're getting that out we're, you know, yelling from the rooftops rooftop because this is an app that's really helping

changed the way we share pots

not even just share, but we we do podcast. So I'm on right now.

Youtube live. I'm on Linkedin live. I'm on Twitch live.

and I am on Facebook live. And so anyone that's kind

scrolling through there during their lunch hour is able to see us and listen to our

our episode. But now they often also jump into Fireside because they can see in look and feel

then become a member of Fireside and then share it from here too. So

it is such a great app a great space for us to be able to share these stories and get

them out to more people. So I just wanna thank you so much for being a a guest on why in the

live and joining it and I can't wait to see you in, like, what four days?


Fran Racioppi  01:03:42 

I know. Yeah. It's coming it's coming up that.

so we've got... Yeah we got some more to do between now, and then, but my other two microphones showed up, so we have the four my

set down.


Juliet Hahn  01:03:50 

I know, which... Just amazing, which I mean, it's it's just it's

so it's gonna be... It's gonna be fine, and and we will be able to share that with

you guys, and you can either catch it on the podcast or you can catch it on your next to stop

which is, you know, my mean podcast. But, again,

Thank you, Fan, and I know you have a busy day ahead of you. So

just, you know,

good luck with everything, and I will be seeing you in a couple days, and thank you everyone that has joy


Fran Racioppi  01:04:17 



Juliet Hahn  01:04:16 

the audience and ask questions, and we will see you guys soon.


Fran Racioppi  01:04:18 



Juliet Hahn  01:04:20 

Alright. I'm gonna bring Mr. Weight bot up for a little music.

Oh, we gotta a slow and exit.

we have we have the poke in the beginning how many have a slow. Thanks

you everyone. Daniel Cindy Dale, five

hi Dave Gina, Alicia, and everyone else that came jumping in. I saw a bunch of

people jumping in and out and everyone that is on Linkedin,

Youtube, wear Facebook and twitch

we will see you guys next week for another episode. Why live with Nfl

red. We have a great great episode with Cynthia George son, Michael Z,

you guys do not wanna miss that. Bye, friend. Thank you so much.

My focus is entirely on helping you follow your passion, even when you feel like you've got stuck in crazy town. There is a way out, its me helping you. You don't have to ditch everything in your life that is making you feel overwhelmed and stuck, you just need some help to navigate it.


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