Episode 155: Debra Levy | Certified Life, Productivity & ADHD Coach, Owner of A Life That Fits

Jun 02, 2022

Remarkable Quote:

We all have our gifts and they can show up in different ways. It's not all or nothing. We have all these different things inside of us and they show up in different ways along the way.”


Guest Bio:

Debra Levy, a Certified Life, Productivity & ADHD Coach, is the owner of A Life That Fits, LLC. She is dedicated to helping her clients make time and space for what matters most in their lives.


Debra begins by working with her clients to clarify what is important to them, what will make them feel happy and fulfilled, and determining what guidance and support is required to create the life they want. She focuses on areas that are a struggle for many of her clients (whether ADD/ADHD or neurotypical) including time management, hyper-focusing, distractions, the setting of goals and priorities, clear communication, and establishing healthy boundaries. 


Together, Debra and her clients work on gaining insight into what is holding them back. She helps them to become more aware of their own natural abilities, modalities, and tendencies, make room for their big-picture goals and implement step-by-step solutions to help them get from where they are, to where they want to be.


Debra is here to partner with her clients on a thought-provoking and productive journey to envision “A Life That Fits” their values and dreams and provide the motivation and accountability to maximize their potential.


Visit A Life That Fits, LLC at ALifeThatFits.com. Follow Debra on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.




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