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Sep 27, 2021

Listen to a new episode of Your Next Stop recorded live on Fireside with host Juliet Hahn featuring KeySocks’ founders Christy Parry and Shelby McKee.


Everything happens for a reason. It's authentic, it's real, and it's meant to be. All the pieces of the puzzle just come together.


Shelby McKee was getting ready to go to a Cincinnati Bengals football game on a brisk fall Sunday. Wanting to wear ballet flats and with the temperature falling, Shelby realized she wanted the comfort of a sock with the look of a no-show. Traditional footies always fell off her feet, scrunched up in her shoe, and never provided warmth; so armed with scissors and an idea, she cut a hole in a pair of knee-high dress socks, and the KeySocks was born!


Committed to seeing her dream become a reality for other women who have suffered long enough for fashion footwear, Shelby, along with her sister Christy Parry, created the only knee-high no-show socks that stay in place and out of sight. And the journey of a family business began.


You know, that phenomenon when your shoes “eat” your socks? Keysocks are the answer! At last, the solution for all women; better than simple footies and socks & for more reasons than you’d think! Keysocks are the very first & only knee-high no-show socks on the market. Knee-high length keeps socks from slipping, prevents blisters unlike traditional "footies" that slip. Comfort at last without sacrificing style!


Visit KeySocks at KeySocks.com. Check them out on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.


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