Episode 123: Jordan Schanda King | Contract COO Agency CEO

Sep 29, 2021

A big part of what I really enjoy is building relationships and collaborating with people.” - Jordan Schanda King


Jordan is a serial entrepreneur and expert at business optimization. Since starting her first business in 2013, she has published a book, founded and co-founded multiple businesses, developed and led group programs in three industries, filed copyrights on multiple products, and successfully sold a business.


Now as a business strategist, Jordan runs a Contract COO Agency specializing in business optimization and management for women who are scaling their service-based businesses. With an all-female team of VAs, OBMs, Copywriters, Marketers, Social Media Managers, and Tech Gurus, they help female founders scale without burning out so that they can build a sustainable business that they love.


She’s had to learn the hard way how to run a business that she actually enjoys and is excited to share her expertise with others on this entrepreneurial journey!


Learn more about Jordan at EasyScaling.com. Connect with her on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.





Today’s episode is sponsored by Aura Merchandising, a proud women-owned full-service brand marketing, and global sourcing agency. Visit them at www.auralimited.com.



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