YNS Live with Madeline Lewis Soviero

Feb 10, 2022

Listen to a new episode of Your Next Stop recorded live on Fireside with host Juliet Hahn featuring 10X Lacrosse founder Madeline (Maddie) Lewis Soviero.


Growth at the grassroots level comes from sustainable and consistent programming for kids. - Madeline (Maddie) Lewis Soviero


Maddie Lewis Soviero’s mission is to create a supportive & challenging environment for students, athletes, and children to learn the life lessons of teamwork and leadership through the sport of lacrosse.


By founding her company 10X Lacrosse, Maddie has had the pleasure of growing lacrosse both domestically and internationally with partners all around the world. She manages a staff of approximately 50 lacrosse coaches and hosts programs for roughly 500 lacrosse kids in the Tampa Area. She has coached girls lacrosse players, ages 5 to 18 for over 5 years


Maddie works closely in the sport with my husband, Dan Soviero, who is the CEO & Founder of Signature Lacrosse.


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