YNS Live with NFL Thread Super Bowl Recap

Feb 24, 2022

Listen to a new episode of YNS Live with NFL Thread Super Bowl Recap recorded live on Fireside


“The energy was amazing. You could feel the love, support, and community. That was one of my favorite parts: just feeling that energy. It was contagious. It was a ‘LOVE’ energy. It was such a happy, happy place.” - Juliet Hahn


“This is the purpose of NFL Thread - to CONNECT. Your stories are told in The Playbook, your voices are heard on YNS Live with NFL Thread, and today you are here to get to know each other more - so we can grow - TOGETHER.” - Cynthia Zordich


Hosts Juliet Hahn and Cynthia Zordich are doing a recap of the two great days that they were part of. 


Two major events happened the second week of February 2022…


The NFL Thread Network Luncheon, celebrating The Playbook Volume IV - The Boss Issue, featuring NFL journeys throughout the day.


The Off the Field Payers’ Wives 21st Annual Super Bowl Fashion Show benefiting the HollyRod Foundation.


All broadcasted live on Fireside!


Acknowledgment and gratitude to the brands and agencies that made these possible and so much fun. Thank you so much…


Shutterstock for the title sponsorship and for documenting these two great days with these amazing people


…for the pop-ups Zoe Hoop Jewelry and Caroline Johansson, for coming all the way from Sweden, to be part of these events


The MRN Agency for making it all so easy


Massilia and Santa Monica Place for hosting these events


…and to our donors and contributors for spoiling us by filling our SWAG bags with so many amazing gifts: Chucklcards, Living Libations, KandiBar & CoZoe Hoop Jewelry, Engel & Völkers Luxury Advisor, NY2LosAngelesDesigns, Joanna Kleinman, Coral Path Designs, BOHEMiYUM Popcorn, Deepa Lashes, Kittenish, Tacori, Keysocks, BabyCakes & Beyond, Michael Strahan Brand, Smooth Skin Firming, and Stapled Events.


All attendees are listed as Playmakers in the luncheon program book with your Instagram handles. Cynthia will put the book up on NFLThread.com.


Thank you to all! It was so much fun and unforgettable! 


The YNS Live With NFL Thread Super Bowl Experience is sponsored by Shutterstock Editorial.  Wherever you go - Shutterstock is there to capture it!


This episode is sponsored by Living Libations, imbibe in botanical bliss. The wisdom of plants blended into total body wellness.


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